By Karl Schneider
Staff Writer

Gregory Little, assistant professor in Arts and Humanities, opened his ‘Digital Apparitions’ show at the Beth K. Stocker gallery on Feb. 9.

These are just a few examples of Gregory Lttle's art pieces on display in the Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery for his show going through March 9. Drew Scofield|The Collegian

The walls were covered in a variety of digital prints, each encompassing the creativity of science through digital media, and featuring a high level of detail and quality.

The ‘Digital Apparitions’ also included a 3D animation of Little’s that was made in collaboration with Distinguished Visiting Professor Jeffrey Mumford. Mumford composed a musical score of 12 movements to which Little designed his animations.

This is the third year that Little has been teaching Digital Media at LCCC, coming from a tenure position at Bowling Green State University. Little drove a lengthy commute for 25 years.

“When I was about 5, I had dreams of becoming either a race car driver or an artist, so I became a commuting artist,” said Little about his long daily drive to and from Bowling Green.

Little’s digital art is inspired by nature and the intricate forms found within. One entire wall of the gallery is dedicated to the forms of the human genome.
“There is data everywhere, and artists and scientists always work with this data,” said Little. “When I started working with computers, it was just natural for me to start creating art with them.”

There is a tradition of artists working with scientific imagery, and the ‘Digital Apparitions’ exhibit showcases his imaginative effort.