By Stefanie Kilnapp
Sports Writer

The LCCC men’s basketball team kept its momentum going, finishing strong against the Walsh University Cavaliers on Feb. 6. The Commodores came away with a 100-61 victory.
The Commodores dominated from the opening tip, and quickly compiled a 17-3 lead. The team’s explosive defense gave the Commodores firm control of the game converting rebounding and turnover opportunities.

Randy McCormick's jumpshot adds to Commodores lead. Stefanie Kilnapp|The Collegian

Long, swift passes and numerous steals by the Commodores and multiple missed shots by the Cavaliers kept LCCC firmly in the lead.  Good blocks and impeccable coverage also allowed for the potent Commodore defense.  LCCC’s offense was equally forceful in scoring, shooting an impressive 72 percent of their free throws. Communication played a major role in the game, which Mike Cruz, head coach of the Commodores, has put heavy emphasis on.

Erol Stone finished the game with 20 points and eight rebounds, pointed out the defense during the first half was the strongest point of the team, but remained humble saying, “We have to continue to get better.” Former player Braxton Coleman took note and stated, “The other team played hard, the Commodores improved a lot and I’m proud of how far they’ve come, especially Anthony [Burns].”  Anthony has played a significant role in the structure of the team and is a noticeable addition to the defense’s level of play.

John Fernandez of Lorain, Ohio, the Commodores newest recruit, made a three pointer his first shot of the game. He is also optimistic about the remainder of season ahead. “If we stay hard on defense and communicate, I don’t think anyone can stop us,” said Fernandez.  Both Jacob Pope and Greg Fite scored double-doubles in the Commodore victory.  Pope scored 24 points

Erol Stone's foul shot takes Commodores' score to 100 in their win over Cavaliers Sefanie Kilnapp|the Collegian

and 10 rebounds; Fite finished with 18 points and 12 rebounds.  The next home game is Feb. 16 at 7:30 p.m.