By Crystal Eynon
Staff Writer

So, your big Cancun plans fell through? Well, it’s too late to start planning them now if you’d like to have been there for spring break. That kind of planning needs to be done many months in advance. However, don’t let that discourage you. There are many other ways to enjoy your spring break this year.

Camping is always a great option. It is a way for you to gather up all your other friends that didn’t make it to their destination of choice. You can find campgrounds all over Ohio. Depending on the weather, you may want to rent out a cabin rather than try and rough it out in a tent.

Find places near the islands to stay. There are plenty of hotels, campgrounds and cottages on and near the islands. Although places like Put-In-Bay and Kelleys Island are usually booked when it is this late in the planning process. You can opt for Marblehead or Port Clinton and easily take a ferry over to the islands for the day. There are many little shops and restaurants to explore.

Road trips are the perfect way to travel and experience more than just one area. Start planning a road trip with a few of your friends. You don’t have to go far. Begin by collaborating with your pals on places you would like to see such as museums, monuments and other places of interest. Then, find places to stay that are within the budget that you and your friends had set. Make sure that you include gas money. There are several websites that have a gas calculator to help you with the estimation.

If traveling of any sort doesn’t appeal to you, then plan several outings with your friends. Purchase tickets to see a comedy show, a concert, visit one of Cleveland’s amazing museums, or plan a few fancy dinners at your favorite restaurants.

Planning a fun filled spring break last minute doesn’t need to be difficult. Just start planning with your friends now and you are sure to come up with some exciting ideas.