By Karl Schneider
Staff Writer


LCCC adds Muslim Student Association (MSA) to the growing list of student clubs. The organization, founded by Eman Hassouneh (Pre-med and Psychology) and Nadia Widdi (Dental Hygiene), hopes to break down the stereotypes regarding the Islamic faith.

The MSA has a large membership with over 80 students participating.  The members of the club come from a variety of countries across the globe. MSA is also open to non-muslim students who are curious and would like to gain knowledge on what Islam and it’s teachings offer.

New MSA members left to right: Bashir El-Ashi, Moe Sulieman, Omar Al Khadra, Eman Hassouneh, Juma Assi, Elham Hassouneh, Abir Widdi, Shaun Stover. Mike McFarland / The Collegian

 Vice Presidents Andrew Baker (Computer Networking) and Omar Al-Khadra (Pre-Med and Biology) both hope that the club will reach out to the LCCC campus and help people connect with the Muslim community.

 “The MSA is where Muslims can get to know one another, teach our faith to others and promote the right path to take,” said Al-Khadra.

The club hopes to promote the philosophy and culture of Islam through meetings or Halaqas.

“A Halaqa is basically a learning session on Islam where people have the opportunity to discuss topics regarding the faith,” said Hassouneh.

The club, while hoping to clear the misconceptions of Muslims, aspires to reach out and tame intolerance on campus and in the community.

“The MSA will not only be a stamp of tolerance for LCCC, but it will continuously motivate others to reflect on the Islamic religion and it’s core values which are often mistaken,” said Hassouneh.

Fundraising is a typical movement for student organizations here on campus and the MSA is no different. They have plans to work with Los Unidos, Pride Club, Black Progressives and the Multi-Cultural club to participate in diversity week during the beginning of April.

The club also hopes to showcase their culture’s more unique opportunities. They plan on offering Henna tattoos, Middle Eastern cuisine and dances that reflect on the origins of Islam.

The association is currently working with Student Life in hopes of acquiring a room specifically for non-denominational prayer.

For students who are interested and would like to learn more about Islam, meetings are held at 12 p.m. every Thrusday in CC 202 and open to the student body.