By Mike McFarland
Assistant Editor

Despite the rising cost of enrollment, Dr. Roy A. Church, LCCC president,  ensures that students will continue to pay one of the lowest tuition rates in Ohio. Average full-time tuition for the state-assisted two-year colleges in Ohio is about $3,600 per year.  Lorain County residents who are enrolled full-time will pay $100.40 per credit hour for tuition. Full-time tuition per semester will be $1,305.20 and $2,610.40 annually.

Church said the decline in state funding renders LCCC unable to meet the basic quality needs of students. “The SSI accounts for about 36 percent of our annual budget and it’s imperative that we have the necessary funds to serve our students who are doing all they can to prepare themselves for careers in this new era.”

Jan. 19, LCCC’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved a 3.5 percent tuition increase beginning with summer semester 2012.

A reduction of $3.2 million in the State Share of Instruction (SSI) to LCCC this year in addition to anticipated diminution in the new fiscal year beginning in July 2012  forced the college to increase the costs of credit hours.

The increase will generate a projected total revenue of $700,000 for LCCC, which will be used to augment the lack of funds, said Stephen Sefchik, LCCC spokesman.

“The tuition increase will help LCCC provide the services and instruction that are vital to our students,” said Sefchik.

With operating costs rising, inflation has gone up over 2 percent a year. The loss of $3.2 million in state funding and the inflation increase, the college continues to look for ways to abate costs and inflate revenues. The college currently receives about 36 percent of its annual budget from the state, which is down from 44 percent last year.