By Crystal Eynon

Watch out! Spring ushers in a whole slew of bright trends to follow. While there are many great fashion trends that all of you boys and gals can show off on campus, there are just as many fashion faux pas that need to be left, well, in the trash. Below is a list of fashion dos and don’ts for all of you campus-goers.

  • Do wear clothes with blocks or geometric shapes of bright color, also referred to as “color blocking.” The shapes should differ in color. This trend arrived on the runways early in 2011 and it hasn’t disappeared yet. In fact, it is hotter now than ever.
  • Don’t wear shirts with cartoon characters or tacky humor on them. I understand that there may be this really cute vintage tee with your favorite cartoon character on it or a shirt that says exactly what you’re feeling, but we are college students, not children.
  • Do wear bold prints. Now, they don’t have to be bright, just bold. Like the above picture, black and white patterns are very chic, classy and timeless.
  •  Don’t wear Crocs. Let me say this again, don’t wear Crocs. Since when were plastic shoes ever attractive?
  •  Do show off animal print accessories. Animal print is very stylish when done in moderation, such as a zebra print clutch or a giraffe print watch strap.
  • Don’t overdo the animal print. I just stated that animal prints were in, but as stated above, “when done in moderation.” Leave the animal prints for the details, not the clothes.
  •  Do wear metallic clothes and accessories, like this gold boot,  right. Golds, bronzes, silvers and copper-toned clothes and accessories are very trendy right now, anything with a metallic sheen.
  • Don’t make your feet put on another pair of Uggs. I get that they are comfortable, but just as the name suggests- ugh. They are just so uninteresting.
  • Do jazz up your look with a cute headband. Choose flowers, bows or feathers on the side to give your ensemble a feminine touch.
  • Don’t wear sweatpants or pajama pants to school. Have the decency and motivation to dress yourself in the morning. There’s something about wearing pajamas to school that seems very unhygienic.
  •  Do opt for a cross-body or messenger bag. These bags are fashionable, yet functional. They are perfect for campus.
  • Don’t overdo the makeup. Why would you want to look like Christina Aguilera while on campus? Show off your natural self. Besides, the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed, natural appearance is in this season.
  • Do bring a neon backpack or purse with you to school. Neon is a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit. As with the animal print, don’t overdo it. A neon backpack or purse is plenty of color to accent your outfit.

There you have it, the on campus fashion trends for spring. I can’t wait to see all the animal print accessories, cute headbands, and neon backpacks! Check out more of Crystal’s fashion advice at