By Valerie Morris
Page Layout Editor

If there’s one thing LCCC doesn’t need, it’s a fee to park. With the fairly recent addition of printing fees from the library, students don’t need to be slapped with another cost, no matter how minimal on campus. A fee for parking will not help the congested nature of the lots.  

 Parking itself isn’t the issue, since there are ample spaces in the overflow lots. The issue is the open spaces are far away from buildings students need to get to. Students planning their day and carpooling can solve this congestion. 

Student Life was putting together a Ride Share program earlier in the fall semester. The purpose was to act as a connecting unit, matching students who need rides with drivers who have a similar schedule. Under the Ride Share program, riders and drivers would share transportation costs. 

But it needs to not just be drivers giving rides to those without transportation. To combat the congested parking, it needs to be every student who drives reaching out to other students, even those with cars. When there’s a fuel crisis, people are always advised to carpool whenever possible. With gas costing more than $3 a gallon, there is no better time than now to conserve fuel and share costs.

It would be expensive to expand LCCC’s current lots, something the pay-to-park program would help fund. But paying to park won’t guarantee students a spot close to the building. It won’t bring an end to the constant circling looking for a place. It won’t help students at all to have an extra fee every day, week, or semester, just for the luxury of having a flat space of asphalt in which to leave their vehicles, before they walk a mile to class.