By Stefanie Kilnapp
Staff Writer

The Lorain County Commodores scored the first and last points in the game against Heidelberg University on Jan. 23. Early in the first half the Commodores kept a decent lead starting 20-9, but it dwindled when Heidelberg went on a 17-8 narrowing the lead to 28-26. The Commodores raised the crowd’s confidence when they scored ten unanswered points making it 38-26 by halftime.

Jacob Pope #24, takes a foul shot in the 89-59 Lorain County CC win against Heidelberg on Jan. 23. Stefanie Kilnapp | The Collegi

The second half brought more energy and more points. The rebounding effort made by the Commodores was strong; there were fast breaks, improving the lead to 43-28 in the second half.

Both sides were penalized resulting in a lot of foul shots, some of which drew disapproval from the crowd. The Commodores took advantage of the situation, converting many of the foul shots taken.

Despite the conscientious attempts to avoid fouling, both center/power forwards Erol Stone and James Gregrew fouled out. Team Manager Jonathan Plog attributed this to “reaching too much on defense,” and said that playing more “straight up”, would help them avoid fouls.

On a lighter note, the Commodores made it look easy regardless of Heidelberg’s tall players and blocked shots. Late in the second half the score rose to 83-49 and the Commodores brought the lead to 30 points, bringing  the final score  to 89-59.

The three top leading scorers were Jacob Pope with 25 points, closely followed by Greg Fite scoring 24, and Aurimas Markumas with 15 points. After this win, the Commodores advanced to a 10-9 record , breaking .500 for the first time this season.